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I was just an only child of the universe by linsaangs I was just an only child of the universe :iconlinsaangs:linsaangs 78 3 The Reign of Rancorous | Home of the Strong by xXSashaLeaXx The Reign of Rancorous | Home of the Strong :iconxxsashaleaxx:xXSashaLeaXx 35 8 gotta slow up by Queerfool gotta slow up :iconqueerfool:Queerfool 263 18
Hamilton Fanfiction: Lafayette x Reader Chapter 3
Red. Black. Terrible images. Storms.
That's all of what my dreams consist of mostly. I can never sleep peacefully no matter how hard I try.
I can see father and mother. Back at the house. Back at Vernon. In a loving embrace.
But something wasn't right. There is another man there. Tall and broad. Why is he there?
He shouldn't be. He's not apart of this family and he doesn't look friendly. Why are mother and father ignoring him? Do they not know he is there?
He doesn't look friendly. I can't see his's too blurry.
"Miss Washington? Miss Washington!"
Suddenly the image disappeared from mind as I heard the call to me.
My dark eyes slowly opened, to find Hannah sitting on the edge, lightly shaking my shoulder.
"Oh...hello, Hannah." I said, almost sadly and she tilted her head in confusion.
"Miss? Is something wrong?" She asked me and I slowly sat up, looking down at my hands worriedly. "I don't know, Hannah. I had a...odd dream." I said and she slowly nodded in understanding, gettin
:iconkittykatgurl321:KittyKatGurl321 7 5
Hamilton Fanfiction: Lafayette x Reader Chapter 2
This part of the building was a little more quieter.
"So this is just the councils wing??" I asked him and he nodded.
"Oui, but we've come at a less busy time. These rooms are for either war discussions or if small groups from Congress want to discuss anything that is private." He explained and I smiled.
"You know a lot about this place."
"Ah well, I pretty much got used to it and know where everything is. When in New York, I spend most of my time here. But if i'm not here, I am either taking a stroll on the streets, or having a drink with my friends." He explained and I smiled. 
"A drink? I never thought a man like you would take part with such a vile drink. Aren't you an aristocrat?" I questioned, and he lightly laughed, turning his head to me. 
"Yes, but, I mostly partake with wine."
"Ah, a sophisticated Aristocrat." I remarked and we both laughed.
I felt so relaxed around him. I wasn't stressing about what to say or how to say it because, it all just came out so norm
:iconkittykatgurl321:KittyKatGurl321 6 0
Hamilton Fanfiction: Lafayette x Reader Chapter 1
Today was the day. A horse carriage trotted down the road, passing through New York.
"(Y/n), are you sure you will be alright?" Martha, my mother asked me. I sighed softly and leaned against the back cushion. "Of course mother, for the last time--yes, I am fine." I said and her lips tightened. "Very well. But the minute you feel something is even the slightest wrong, you must tell me, understand?" She told me, and I nodded with a curt smile. "Yes, mother."
It was true, I was sick. I couldn't breath properly at times because sometimes my heart would skip a beat, then I would feel a pain in my ribs. The doctors have told me I couldn't leave my room because of my weak heart that i shouldn't even leave my bed--but i said otherwise. Today I wanted to see my father, George Washington. My mother would visit on occasion, but I was honestly surprised in myself that I managed to convince her to bring me along. I wanted to get out of that boring house, and see what Manhattan was like.
And it was
:iconkittykatgurl321:KittyKatGurl321 12 1
Lafayette x Reader One Shot
Lafayette x Reader: Mon Petit Papillion (One Shot)
Being a close friend of Alexander Hamilton, (Y/N) met a lot of interesting people. From the energetic Laurens, the hilarious Mulligan, and the crafty Aaron Burr, she had many adventures. However, it was the flamboyant Marquis de Lafayette that she found the most interesting.
It all happened one night when Alexander dragged (Y/N) to one of his favorite bars.
“Alex, you know that I have much better things to do rather than getting merry!” she shouted at him as they entered the bar.
“But I have a bunch of new friends I want you to meet,” Alexander whined.
(Y/N) sighed before giving him a small grin. “You actually made friends?”
Alexander frowned. “Yes I do!”
He led her to a large table with three rambunctious young men. “Hey boys, I brought my best friend with me. This is (Y/N) (L/N) from (colony name). I thought it’d be nice to introduce her to you guys, so play nice.
:iconvioletwolf9:violetwolf9 20 9
-= Com: Lotto =- by Naia-Art -= Com: Lotto =- :iconnaia-art:Naia-Art 92 2 Crookedstar by Vialir Crookedstar :iconvialir:Vialir 189 6 Hei! Chou! Let's go! by Zoubstance Hei! Chou! Let's go! :iconzoubstance:Zoubstance 99 28 Fresh air by Zoubstance Fresh air :iconzoubstance:Zoubstance 82 22 .:Comm: One Fiery Token:. by Mayasacha .:Comm: One Fiery Token:. :iconmayasacha:Mayasacha 203 15 Commission: I have become so numb. by GRAYH0UND Commission: I have become so numb. :icongrayh0und:GRAYH0UND 109 3 What are you up to? by ColossalBeltloop What are you up to? :iconcolossalbeltloop:ColossalBeltloop 383 52 Rain rain by ColossalBeltloop Rain rain :iconcolossalbeltloop:ColossalBeltloop 498 28 Run, Run by DeNovember Run, Run :icondenovember:DeNovember 157 23




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